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We all come by crossroads. Times, where we have choices and make decisions. Ideally, at these crossroads, we stop, breathe, look around, think, decide and take a path.

Croxroads Consulting & Philanthropy was created to assist in making good decisions at these crossroads, making the path as pleasant and fruitful as possible and the desired destination attainable and finally reached. It is about success throughout the life cycle and all reaping the benefits of completion.

We are all in this together. Living and aspiring to our ethical core values. Some know it by, the Golden Rule: Do unto others as you want to have done unto you (or the many variations of this concept throughout many religions, philosophies, and methods).

Getting there. Where? A place where we have attained the realization of our truly enjoyable existence.


Croxroads Consulting Services

Getting from point A to B.

Croxroads offers a diverse set of services: Based on our clients' needs, matched specifically to them, and the climate around us. We help assess, plan and achieve goals. Croxroads works with a broad spectrum of clients, in many areas. Entities and people, global and local.

Croxroads thrives on seeing our clients succeed and their goals come to fruition. Make us part of your team. Together we will make and see a difference.

Among other things. We help things go smoothly.

Stuart Dratt, Founder

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Croxroads on Philanthropy

Philanthropy is about helping others. Whether for-profit or non-profit. It's about making a better place for us all. We all profit from a better place. At the Croxroads, change for the better is possible anytime and anywhere. Croxroads is available in many capacities, contact us to see where we fit together. We are here to help, if it's within our means, as best as we can. We have extensive consulting and advisory experience with Organizations, Institutions, Corporations, Businesses, Groups, and Individuals (public and private sector).

Chelek Aloha Mima'al (an ancient Aramaic saying that translates something like...):  There is a piece of Aloha in all of us from above, that connects us all.


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Energy and Environment


The world is pulling things together. From: Global summits, climate, the blockchain, micro-grids, batteries, carbon storage... to daily separating our garbage at home. The world is looking for renewable, sustainable and responsible consumption of energy and natural resources, Now.

Science and Technology

science and technology

Advancements, collaboration, communication, transparent ("open") publishing. Breakthroughs in these methods and implementing them for those that need better health and quality of life. In many instances, they can be life-saving. The best solutions are needed and upon us, Now.

Hospitality And Better Living


Making things better for local-global commerce and communities, the hospitality industry, the traveler... It has never been more prevalent than now that the world is this accessible. Let's afford this gift to all. We have an opportunity to really share our goodness and culture.

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Croxroads Team

Our competent team is looking forward to your questions, ideas, proposals, requests...

Stuart Dratt

Founder, Philanthropist, Consultant

Dr. Kathleen Trautwein

R&D, Translations, Consultant